MOVO Design Group.

Established 1996.

MOVO Design Group was established in 1996, it’s first contract being with the Ford Motor Company of Australia providing illustration services to support their Heavy Truck operations. At the time all illustrations were created manually through hand sketching and ink on film drawing. We are very proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to the last of the legendary Ford Louisville line.

Our background.

The founder of MOVO Design Group has had a lifelong passion for art, design and most of all cars. This passion was pursued through studying Industrial Design at Monash University, Melbourne. Taking Automotive Design in his final year of study he created the MOVO Aggressor concept car as a 1/5 scale model.

A career in the automotive industry followed spanning 15 years of direct OEM level automotive involvement along with fur the experience with smaller tier one and tier two suppliers supporting most of the major car brands in the Australian domestic market. A stint of lecturing at a leading Melbourne school of art & design was thrown in for good measure.

For the customer.

MOVO Design Group specializes in product rendering, illustration, concept ideation and graphic design, particularly in the field of automotive design and car art. We are now excited to be able to offer these services along with the benefit of our experience directly to you.

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