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Featuring original automotive art and car drawings by MOVO Design Group.

At MOVO Design Group we are just as passionate about cars as we are about art...

As a result MOVO Design Group has created it's own range of exciting new merchandise based on our original car drawings and automotive art.

With almost two decades of experience working within the Australian automotive industry MOVO Design Group has specialised in the fields of design and illustration. All of our hand rendered car drawings feature the use of traditional automotive styling studio media to create the ideal gift for any car enthusiast.

MOVO Design Group is dedicated to expand it's range of unique autoart, the goal to be able to provide quality automotive art to all car enthusiasts. At MOVO Design Group we have a true passion for all things automotive, from iconic Australian muscle cars like the legendary Falcon GT, the Monaro GTS and the Charger R/T through to today's flourishing JDM scene favorites.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, MOVO Design Group supports Australian made and our unique range of auto art, car drawings and gifts are all proudly designed and printed in Australia.

If you're looking for a gift idea for the car enthusiast in your life or even something special for yourself check out what the MOVO Design Group online shop has to offer.


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